Daytona Group creates its own contracting facilities


In order to expand the range of services in the structure of the development company Daytona Group, a general contracting organization Mega Line was established, specializing in economic activities for the construction of medium and significant impact class facilities. Thus, the company will be able to combine the functions of development (management of investment and construction projects) and the contractor of construction and installation works.

The flagship project for the implementation of a new direction was the Kudashevsky retail and office complex - an abandoned unfinished building on Barrikadnаyа St, 16 has become one of the most popular business centers of the Dnieper. In addition to construction work (exterior decoration of the facade, laying of engineering networks and communications) and improvement of the surrounding space, Mega Line took part in the reconstruction of Barrikadnaya Street itself.

Mega Line also undertook a turnkey contract for finishing work for the representative office of the Creative State of Dnipro business space network, which will open on the 3rd floor of the Kudashevsky business center in June. The work was completed in a very short time. More than 100 premises for various functional purposes with a total area of ​​3,500 m2 were prepared in just 3.5 months. And this is during the period of restrictive quarantine measures!

The presence of our own general contracting organization will allow Daytona Group to provide a full range of services - from design to delivery of the finished object - with a guarantee of quality, meeting deadlines and at the optimal cost. Now is the time for professionals - only those companies that can quickly respond to the market situation will remain on the market - to optimize costs, accelerate the approval process, and be flexible in decision-making. This is the only way to offer a commercially successful product that will meet all today's requirements and will remain relevant for a long time.

The Dayton Group's portfolio of assets includes several new projects with which we will enter the market in the near future. Their implementation will be carried out already by the forces of its own general contracting organization.